Mopidy playback

Hi All,

I am hoping someone can shed some light on this problem for me.

I have the Mopidy skill set up on Picroft, and it works fine. The only problem I have is that when I try to play a specific song or album, it cannot seem to find what I am requesting.

For example, if I saw “play Radiohead” it plays music from Radiohead.

If I say “play The Bends” (A Radiohead Album), Mycroft responds with “Playing the Bends” but no music is played back.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Is the problem on the Mopidy Skill side, or the Mopidy side? The Mopidy server resides on the same Rasppi 4 as Mycroft itself.

Thanks for the help,


@forslund are you still using this Skill?

Have you noticed the above problem?