Modularity - can we change tts engine, stt engine and more?

Hello everyone,

I have a question in my mind.

I know Mycroft try to be full open source stack and I respect that.
But I have a question about the project modularity.

For instance, if I want to replace your speach to text engine by google, alexa or another “proprietary” engine that offer its service, will it be very difficult ? Is the project core made to easily enable such modification ?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:

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Hey Crieloue, glad to have you here.

Right now we have it set up to test a variety of STT engines including Google. We are likely going to set it up so you can run STT against the provider of your choice without too much trouble. We’ll then default it to our solution for folks who don’t want to mess with STT.

The catch is - you’ll need to sign up for your own API key for your provider.

We don’t have an STT solution in house (yet!), but will be working to get one completed by July. In the mean time we’ve been evaluating Google,,, Bluemix, SoundHound and several others.


Joshua Montgomery


Great, sounds perfect !
Setting default and giving (easy) choice is all power users want =)

Reading you all (and looking at what has already been made public), I really feel software is made right.
I can’t wait to read more news about hardware and have demos of both.

Thanks Joshua

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Is there a limit in google API ? (such as a request limit / day)

It’s sad to see that google speech api which is IMO the best is not supposed to be used outside of Chrome/Chromium…

I wonder, if you guys will use it in MyCroft, and if it won’t pose any problem…

Sorry for digging up this old thread.

I am wondering how to change the TTS engine from Mimic to Google? I have tried doing that in Settings > Advanced in but still not successful.

I notice the this /home/mycroft/.mycroft/mycroft.conf contains this…

  "tts": {
    "module": "mimic",
    "mimic": {
      "voice": "ap",

Should I change this? If yes, what should I change it to?

No anwsers ? I need it too :slight_smile:

You should be able to do it @steve.penrod - maybe you can provide some insight?