Mocking mk2 on picroft, total noob here

I backed the mk2 kickstarter back when it was running but they still aren’t ready and won’t be for a while from what i can gather, so in the mean time I want to attempt setting something similar up.
I have picroft running on a raspberry pi and things seem to be working so far. But one feature I’d like to get it’s the UI screen thing going. After a few days of fiddling I figured out that I won’t be able to get mycroft-gui project working as it’s 64bit while picroft is 32bit (also when attempting to install the qt5 packages I was told that apt-get couldn’t find them).
I cant future out how else to handle this. Has anyone got any suggestions how to get a gui on my picroft setup? :slight_smile:

check MycroftOS which comes with the gui

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That did the trick, thank you very much :slight_smile: