MK2 is stone cold dead

I used a volt meter to verify that the power supply is outputting 12V DC as it should, so I can rule that out. Is there anything that could cause the device to go completely black and stay that way even when I unplug and replug the power that I might have any chance of fixing myself?

If you remove all boot drives and plug in the power, and the fan comes on, it could be the boot drive, I can replace that for you directly.

If the fan doesn’t come on, you can open up the device and check for broken connections, but that gets technical quickly so don’t go further than your comfort zone.

I peeked in the Mycroft orders shipping system, and I see that you’re within the time window to do a return under warranty, which shouldn’t be complicated. If you’d like to start that process, please send an email with information about what’s wrong & request for an RMA to and I’ll pick up over there with my “Mycroft Support Helper” hat on.

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Thanks for your response. Removing the boot drive doesn’t help; still nothing. I even tried the original boot drive (I had been using an SSD), still nothing.

I’ll take a look tomorrow just in case the problem is obvious, but I’m not a hardware guy so I am unlikely to be successful. Still it’s worth a shot.


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I am not using my device, can ship it to you if you cover the shipping fees.


That’s really kind of you @guterm! We shouldn’t have a problem replacing @gregory.woods’s Mark II under warranty, but also I’m sure there are folks on here that would love to have one, or a second one.

Is there anything we could do that would make you more likely to use your Mark II? Or would you be willing to share why you’re not using it? We’re trying to learn more about how Mark IIs are being used, and for those who aren’t using them, what features they would want in a future device.

If you’re in the EU and certain you want to give away your Mark II, please PM me, I would like to send a Mark II to someone in Poland to send on to someone in Ukraine.

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HI @NeonClary my Mark II has a similar problem. Completely dead. With all drives removed the fan doesn’t come on.

I has done this a couple of times before but those times leaving it unplugged for a while and plugging it in again, it suddenly came back to life.

It was running normally then one time I came back to it to see it was dead and nothing revives it.

I’ve taken off the cover and can’t see anything obviously loose - I stopped at that point, I don’t really know what to look for.

Is there anything else I can try, or should I contact support? (I’m in the UK if that makes a difference and my Mark II arrived in November last year)



Sounds like you’ve tried all the things. I see your email to Mycroft Support, and will need to check with Michael about warranty coverage and postage for overseas. He’s off grid this week, but I’ve sent him a message. Since there’s been a couple with the same issues, I’m also going to ask if there’s been any diagnostic results. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be something you can fix.

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Thank you for your help with this. I got a tracking number come through to me yesterday,

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