Missing Message Bus?

I attempted to install a skill I’m working on to test but when I try to uses msm/msm to install, it gives an error stating “No Module named mycroft.messagebus” error 121

When manually transferring the files to the skills folder, I get an error in CLI saying it is not a skill.

Hi there @TGTThomas,

I haven’t seen this error message before, so I’m going to ping my colleague @forslund here, who may be able to assist.

Kind regards, Kathy

Thank you @KathyReid


Sorry for the late reply, I completely missed @KathyReid’s Ping.

To help here I’d like to know more about what platform are you on? And what skill skill are you trying to install?

My best guess from the current information is that you are running a github installation of mycroft on normal linux distribution.

Error 121 indicates that the requirements.txt for the skill couldn’t be installed. The messagebus error makes me think you are not in the mycroft virtualenv. (Error 121 could also happen if you were not in the mycroft virtualenv)

try running workon mycroft before installing the skill using msm, this should activate the virtualenv and the problems should go away (IF I’ve guessed correctly)

This would not answer why the skill isn’t identified as a skill though, A skill needs a __init__.py containing the function create_skill to be identified as a skill, this may be a false issue or unrelated to the messagebus error.

Hope this is either helpful or informative :slight_smile: