Mimic3 - Guide to choose another of the voices?

I have mimic3 functional with the default male voice.
it sounds great! kudos to the team!

I want to try out one of the British female voices.
Could someone reply with a link for a “howto” or something like that?
I’ve seen it before, but cannot seem to find it today.
my searching today is starting to lead me in circles so any help appreciated.:smiley:


nano /home/pi/.config/mycroft/mycroft.conf

here’s mine:

“max_allowed_core_version”: 21.2,

“tts”: {
“module”: “mimic3_tts_plug”,
“mimic3_tts_plug”: {
“voice”: “en_US/cmu-arctic_low”,
“speaker”: “slp”,
“length_scale”: 1.0,
“noise_scale”: 0.667,
“noise_w”: 1.0

What hardware are you on?

Thanks for the info.
I’m running Mycroft on a Rpi4 and running the sound thru my media TV. Should be plenty robust. I’m using a small USB mic tucked just under the TV. So far its a nice little setup.

nice! Are you on picroft or linux? I’m asking because I never got Mimic3 to run under 32-bit picroft :slight_smile:

I’m running Debian Linux. 64bit

thanks! Any issues so far? I’m on Ubuntu 20.4. and it doesn’t seem perfect just yet …

No issues. it is really running smoothly on my rpi4 headless server.

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sounds great. I’ll probably try that. Ubuntu somehow only uses 1 GB of memory as I posted in another thread …