Mimic2 on picroft with google aiy v1


Is mimic2 available on picroft with google aiy v1 hardware (So Raspberry Pi 3 & Google AIY Voice Kit V1).

I’ve got the latest version of picroft running on this unit though the voice selection options under device management shows only british male, american male, female and google voice options. Not sure if this was a hardware limitation or it was a premium option.

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In theory this is possible, practically speaking it’s not. Mimic2 at reasonable latency would take more resources to run, ie, an nvidia gpu (even a low-end one).


I expected the PI won’t be up for it but came across this blog entry on Mimic2 caching and speed boost that mentions the heavy lifting may be done on mycroft servers for pi-like hardware.

However, Mimic2 can’t run on a Raspberry Pi like Mimic1. It requires a GPU to generate speech fast enough to be useful. So, we’re hosting it on our servers to provide voices for those who don’t have their own GPU. This also allows us to deploy a function that will improve Mycroft’s speed to respond to requests – response caching.

Mimic2 Speed Boost – Response Caching

Was wondering if this feature was still in the pipeline for pi. Images for picroft are older than the blog entry so would’ve been surprised to see it anyways.

I’d call it unlikely ever. Pi3 is pretty low-powered board. Newer boards may have more ability to do things like mimic2 or other ml/tf based stuff as the tf for opengles gets better, but it’s still a couple magnitudes of processing power less than usable hardware now.

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