Mimic TTS & Mycroft on Other Devices

So I have backed the Kickstarter project and come Christmas time, I’ll be getting my shiny, new Mycroft “assistant”… But whilst I’m waiting, I thought of a couple of questions.

  • Is it possible to install Mimic/Mimic 2 as the text-to-speech (TTS) engine in Linux-based operating systems? Even the original version (of Mimic) sounds much better than the default TTS in many Linux-based operating systems, and it looks like Mimic 2 is going to be even better!
  • Are the plans to eventually offer a (stand-alone) desktop version of Mycroft - sort of like what my kids have on their Apple PCs with “Siri”?
  • What about on Android smartphones/phablets/tablets? Are there plans to offer a (stand-alone) version of Mycroft (again, like “Siri”) at some point? I don’t use Google Now or whatever it’s called (I have it disabled), so it’d be great to be able to dial calls using Mycroft whilst I am in the car… Not to mention performing basic searches using Mycroft and things like that.

Great questions @gregory.opera

Mimic standalone

Yes, this is possible. Mycroft installations on Linux build Mimic as part of the install script, but you can build it standalone - https://github.com/MycroftAI/mimic

Here are the docs for Mimic: https://mycroft.ai/documentation/mimic/

Mycroft for desktop

One of our very talented Community Developers, @AIIX, Aditya, has done a HUGE amount of work in this space, and has built Mycroft for KDE Plasmoid. We’re looking to the Community to build out Mycroft for the desktop platforms of their choice.

Mycroft for Android

Again, there is a Community developed project.

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Thanks for that, @KathyReid!

I’ll definitely look into the Mimic stuff, but I might need wait for someone else to build Mycroft for Ubuntu-based operating systems, as it’s a little bit beyond my skillset…

Is the Android project stand-alone? The description above suggests it needs a Mycroft device to work (which for me won’t be until December)… I was thinking as a stand-alone thing, like “Siri”.

I’ve also seen this, which appears to be a standalone android version, but I have no idea what state it’s in compared to other versions, just that it apparently does exist.