Mimic II not speaking long utterances


I’ve been testing a custom skill which involves Mycroft speaking out a long list of things. I’m getting an odd issue, however, where sometimes Mycroft will only speak part of the utterance - namely the end. I think it may have issues with speaking too long of utterances.

I’ve checked it with mycroft-speak on both Mimic I and Mimic II, and it’s only happening on Mimic II.

Anyone else having this issue?

Hi jmaibach,

We just pushed an update in Mycroft-core 19.2.2 that should be fixing this. Can you check that your installation has updated (the version number is displayed in the top right of the CLI) and let us know if you’re still experiencing the problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Gez,

I haven’t updated yet to 19, but I’ll check when I do.


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I was experiencing this at one point. I divided the speech into sentences and had Mycroft speak each one. I may eliminate that if the update fixed it.

Some useful tips that I recently learned.

Mimic 2 should now generate each sentence individually and return them as they’re ready.
So instead of emitting multiple speak commands like:

self.speak('Short sentence')
self.speak('Another short sentence')

You can simply send:

self.speak('Short sentence. Another short sentence')

These two should be equivalent, and quicker to start speaking than the same phrase with a comma in the center like:

self.speak('Short sentence, Another short sentence')