Mimic 2: how to use in Mycroft?

Good morning,
it’s my first post here so I hope I’m not doing something wrong.
I was looking to use Mimic 2 as TTS engine in Mycroft but I couldn’t find anything. Could you help me?
Another question: in mimic2 free?
Thank you very much.

Hey there, welcome to Mycroft!

Mimic2 is the service behind the US Male voice that you can select on your device page. It is cloud based as it requires some reasonable hardware to synthesize audio fast enough to seem natural.

If you’re wanting a custom voice you can use our Mimic Recording Studio to record samples to train your own model. However a big word of warning that this is quite an undertaking.

Mimic2 is open source, the US Male voice model is not free to download. Using our Mimic2 service is free within the terms of service - basically just don’t abuse.

I know mimic2’s mycroft’s version, but if you’re going to work on your own model, I would suggest either Mozilla’s TTS or Tacotron. Tacotron has a pre-trained LJ model you can get; mozilla’s tts has some options as well. Both work much better with a GPU (even a small one, like a GT1030).

Adjust the following as relevant for configuring and using your own instance. You’ll probably need to use this to make it work correctly as well.

"tts": {
  "module": "mimic2",
  "mimic2": {
  "lang": "en-us",
  "url": ""
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