Mic muted when listening

hej there,
I have a similar problem, and I already found the “source”, but I have no idea how to solve it.
the mic is working perfectly fine until mycroft detects the wakeword. then it shuts down. the meter stays at 0 until the recording stops, and the debug console gives “could not understand”, obviously, since there is no recording :smiley:
has anyone an idea what the problem might be?
i alread stopped all the processes and restarted mycroft. and its a first install, no extra skill installed or updated yet.
thanks a lot!

Hi roever, I’ve split this out to a new topic as it sounds like it is slightly different.

What platform is this on? Is this in your Ubuntu VM running in Windows? Is that an 18.04 Ubuntu image?

Thanks, no its on DebianFullDesktop in VirtualBox, the only system I got running in my Win10, yet.