Meteoalarm skill

rain day nothing to do so here weather alert skill for meteoalrms
if anyone wants to try. works fine on my pi/linux mycrofts can not say about other versions

usage is easy enough install to your skill directory as meteo-alerts-skill
and set your region you wish monitored and language of choice in your skill settings
if there is an alert it will play a tone depending on the level yellow,orange or red. also if there are multiple so if you have 2 yellow alerts and one orange it will play the one orange tone first then the 2 yellow tones . so it should be able to determine the urgency of the alerts simply by the tones and number of tones played … to listen to the alerts simply say climate alerts or weather alerts…
it capable of using every language used on meteoalarms site . but I do not think mycroft is able to read them all but i guess if you used google engine it should work fine. or if mrocroft supported yandex speech engine it could handle Cyrillic languages.

okay good luck have fun

ps you need to install lynx — sudo apt install lynx – I attempted to do it in beautiful soup-- but it became apparent quickly not a fan of it… what i could do with lynx in < seconds. it took 9 seconds with beautiful soup. makes me wonder how long it would make my Gutenberg skill run for - as it process some 200 pages in a couple minutes downloading +100 books in that time

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