Medline Plus Medical Skill

My goal is to build a skill for Mycroft to help consumers obtain reliable health information. Many websites exist, but only a few are very reliable. Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Health, Mayo Clinic, MedlinePlus and (some of) Healthline and WebMD have excellent, unbiased information that regular people can understand. Having a Medline Plus skill for medical articles would fill a large need. The repository was generated with the Mycroft Skills Kit, but it still needs work before it can be considered functional. I have about 30 years of healthcare experience, but I will need (lots of python) help to make this skill a reality.
Let’s Make a Mycroft Medical Skill!


This will probably turn into a Mayo Clinic Medical Skill due to issues with Medline Plus using XML and some very messy output. `[Mayo Clinic Medical Skill]

I still have an old project with raj.pandey1994. Unfortunately I can no longer complete it. The approach with xml is glaring.