[Media Center] Kodi

Skill name: kodi-skill

User story:

  • As a cinema lover, I want to be able to start Kodi so I can prepare my movie night easily when grabbing the popcorn.
  • As a cinema lover, I want to be able to play/pause/move forward/move backward a movie so I can enjoy my film library wherever my Mycroft Device is.
  • As a cinema lover, I want to be able to search for a movie/series on Kodi by various attributes so I can find a media during other activities such as chilling. :smirk:

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?

Kodi - https://kodi.tv/

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

  • Start Kodi
  • Play {{movie_name}}
  • Play {{series_name}} season {{season_number}} episode {{episode_number}}
  • Next episode
  • Pause
  • Move forward {{step_number}} steps
  • Move backward {{step_number}} steps
  • Search for {{movie_name}} | {{series_name}} | {{actor_name}} | {{director_name}}
  • Give me info on {{movie_name}} | {{series_name}}

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

  • Starting Kodi
  • Now playing {{movie_name}}
  • Now playing {{series_name}} season {{season_number}} episode {{episode_number}}
  • {{step_number}} steps forward
  • {{step_number}} steps backward
  • I found {{movie_name}} | {{series_name}} | {{actor_name}} | {{director_name}} in the library. Should I play the media relative to it ?
  • I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any item matching {{search_term}}
  • Playing next episode
  • {{movie_info}} | {{series_info}}

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

See https://mycroft.ai/documentation/skills/skill-settings/ for more information

  • Information about the network connection of Kodi
  • Last episode played so the user can do things like “Play where I stopped the last time”

Other comments?

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Nice, I will try to implement this later this week/in the week end :slight_smile:


I will help you during this journey :smiley:


yeah, this would be awesome. I use Kodi all the time and the gui interface on it kinda sucks. Would be greatly enhanced by voice

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I’d also suggest having a command for just listing all movies or a season of a TV show because sometimes I don’t know exactly what I want to watch before seeing a list.

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Working on it :slightly_smiling_face: it will demand that you enable http control (from inside kodi) and set the settings for which machine kodi is on (and port)

Implemented a way to get all movies and get all movies with a certain title.
It can now also play/start a movie