Matrix.One Dev Board Support?

It’s been mentioned by myself and others on slack:

But hoping for more help/persistent here:
Does the Matrix one:

Most of the “good” info is on IndiGoGo

The Secs are interesting:

Sensors & Components

  • 8 MEMS Microphone Array (DIY Amazon Echo)
  • FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 6)
  • Microcontroller (ARM Cortex M3)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultraviolet sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • 3D Gyroscope
  • 3D Magnetometer
  • Humidity sensor

Wondering if anyone has looked at this and thinks it would wotk with a PiCroft image?

$55 gets you the above specs, for $65 you also get an ESP32 chip with BT4.2LE and 802.11n

So far I haven’t gotten a confirmation from anyone on our community or the Matrix community that it’s been tried. I did however pre-order the matrix voice so will try that out as soon as I get it.

I also see no reason why it wouldn’t work.

No ‘luck’ with Matrix Creator, see

Did your matrix voice arrive and did you any success? @Karl?

Hi…as per my knowledge ecause this is the latest in a series of developer boards from MATRIX Labs , there’s already a sophisticated, layered software stack for the MATRIX Voice platform that include a HAL with the FPGA code and C++ library, an intermediate layer with a streaming interface for the sensors and vision libraries, and a top layer with the MATRIX OS and high-level APIs.

pcb assembly asia

I’ve been able to successfully install Matrix OS on top of Picroft. Obviously this is not ideal.

Russel who has had some success and gave me some details over chat.

Regarding the matrix voice, I made some progress by installing the kernel modules GitHub - matrix-io/matrixio-kernel-modules: MATRIX HAL in kernel space …the mic array now shows up as an alsa device and can be used with pyaudio. I’ll be testing pulse audio and Mycroft today.

For the alsa configs, I removed /etc/asound.conf and this is my /home/pi/.aoundrc


pcm.!default {
type asym
capture.pcm “mic”
playback.pcm “speaker”
pcm.mic {
type softvol
min_dB -10.0
max_dB 50.0
slave {
pcm “array”
control {
name “MicArray Master”
card 1
pcm.speaker {
type plug
slave {
pcm “hw:0,0”
pcm.array {
type plug
slave {
pcm “hw:2,0”

A Voice Matrix chat channel has been created to discuss hardware and support.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately the documentation and OS from matrix labs is under heavenly development. Their documentation and support on the forms is well just take a look. The hardware looks great but the software is feels like alpha. It takes for 5 steps to even beyond their install script and documentation to get everything up and running.

That being said I think everything is there to connect with but it will take a lot of tinkering.