Matrix channel with Slack integration

I’ve created a room for Mycroft on Matrix, which is free software :slight_smile:

I would like to create a bridge with the slack channel:

“This integration bridges a Slack channel into a Matrix room. Users in Matrix appear as bots in Slack. Slack users appear as users in Matrix. To configure:
In Slack, you must add an Inbound Webhooks and an Outgoing Webhooks integration to the channel you wish to bridge.
Please paste the URL that Slack tells you for the Inbound Webhooks to the “Slack incoming webhook URI” below and hit save.
Then please paste the URL that we give you for the Outgoing Webhooks to the “Slack outgoing webhook URI” and hit save.”

So I need help from the slack admins :slight_smile:

Good idea !

I think @aatchison and @spenrod are the admins of the Slack channel.


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thanks :wink:

@ryanleesipes @DarkSide @aatchison @spenrod could you join the matrix room please: you’ll be the admins there :slight_smile:

hey slack admins, can you help ? :slight_smile:
@aatchison @spenrod

@aatchison @spenrod please do help bridge this discussion so it is accessible via the more secure, open source, open standard Matrix, ad Oliver has documented.

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you the man!!! I did not wanted to use slack because is closed source but we do use MATRIX… thanks!

We are moving over to Mattermost soon @cfernandez :wink:
Also, I don’t see why we can’t add a matrix bridge then.
The issue lately with Slack (among others) is that we ran out of integrations, we have much more we can do with Mattermost.
I hope I see all the antiSlack advocates there soon!

lol you guys are always behind… last year or sooner than that I posted here that most people are not willing to use slack because of its closed source nature… and suggested mattermost… now that most of the open source community at least the good developers are moving to matrix from mattermost :smiley: and now… you guys move to mattermost? :smiley: oh well no complaint at least is open source… and you can host your own server… but year please create the bridge with matrix, most IRC communities are moving/integrating with matrix.

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I agree with cfernandez. Mattermost has been in use here for months now. Is there a matrix integration yet?

There appears to be a Mattermost -> Matrix bridge now available called Matterbridge

Our main development focus at the moment is on Skills and the Mycroft core software, but I’ll put this on our backlog.

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