MarkII Neon AI 23.6.8 settings widget no longer works

Updated with a fresh image to version 23.6.8.

The setting widget seems to do nothing now?

The main reason I updated to a new image is home assistant being built in. But didn’t get very far. Trying to connect home assistant via QR code method using my phone fails to connect the MarkII via IP. I did confirm from my desktop on the same network that the MarkII local IP doesn’t show anything in a browser. I looked at doing the API token but that string it way too long. Was hoping using the QR code that home assistant shows but doesn’t look like to be an option yet either. Are there any options I can do without having to screen type a long length access token?

Looking at download dates looks like there was an update. So downloaded again and I am able to get to the settings menu/widget. The menu coming up seems to lag at times and be fine other times. But that could be due to using a thumb drive. Just happy I can go to settings again.

Still can’t seem to get home assistant connected. I am getting a server response but now the 2nd urls shows a generic 500 error page.

Guess need to wrap my head around to see configurations/logs and maybe add more skills since. Cause past being aware of commands and yaml config being documented not certain how to get to any of it.