Mark1 hangs on Yellow eyes

If queried, regardless of what is asked, it replies that it is still booting up. Nothing happens after waiting and sever reboots resulted in the same behavior.

I did an apt-get update and upgrade, looks like that went as expected (no errors)

Rebooted several times, same hang at yellow eyes.

It appears I am hanging on the loading of skills.

I tried a reset and have not been able to get past the yellow eyes.

Hoping this can be of some use debugging the issue:

pi@mark_1:~/.mycroft $ /opt/venvs/mycroft-core/bin/msm list
WARNING - Could not prepare repo (GitCommandError([‘git’, ‘config’, ‘remote.origin.url’, ‘’], 255, b’error: could not lock config file .git/config: Permission denied’, b’’)), Creating temporary repo
WARNING - No such default skill: plasma-user-control-skill
mycroft-weather [installed]
mycroft-volume [installed]
mycroft-pairing [installed]

Hi @adamc1999
Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with your Mark 1.

Another user had trouble with .git/config being locked and they found that it was because they’d used sudo for a previous apt-get upgrade causing some files to be owned by root. The original thread is here

Could you have a look at the output of find /opt/mycroft/skills -group root?
This will list any files within the skills directory that are owned by a member of the root user group. Ideally it shouldn’t list anything.