Mark-time /stopwatch skill

Really simple stopwatch like functionality. A complimentary Tool to the built in timer skill (which currently only counts /down/). Easy, hands-free way to perform some time duration metrics.

How to install mark-time skill

  • Install SKILL mark-time by …

  • SKILL mark-time connects to no third party SERVICES however…

    • the skill settings are utilized as a persistence/memory/state resource.

How to test SKILL mark-time

  • Speak Intent phrase “begin marking time”
  • Mycroft should `confirm commencement
  • Wait a while,
  • Speak intent phrase “end marking time”
  • Mycroft should report the time elapsed.

If Mycroft accurately reports the durations of a few different periods, and does not “lose track” of the beginning time, then the skill should test should pass as a useful time tracking tool.

Where feedback on SKILL mark-timeshould be directed:

Please provide feedback on the Skill via replies to this thread or through [Issues on GitHub]( (within this skill’s repository).