Mark II Update: Phase 2 Build Video

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There have been many requests to show the making of the new Rockchip based prototypes. So we put together a quick montage showing some assembly of the Proof of Concept prototype and the Phase 2 prototype. The Proof of Concept utilizes a combination of laser cut panels and 3D printed parts, and the Phase 2 prototype is almost entirely 3D printed. In the video that Sam (our multi-talented Designer) put together you can see our Production Guru, Darren Courtney, assembling the prototypes.

These prototypes are optimized for our tools, so they are designed to work with a Formlabs SLA printer and an Epilog laser cutter. Our goal is to do a quick revision that is better suited for FDM printing. The FDM printed version should easily fit on a printer with an 8” x 8” build platform.

As a preview of the upcoming documentation here is how we wired the Phase 2 prototype. Once we validate a few other systems we will begin sharing more documentation on GitHub including the 3D files and parts list so that others can recreate our prototypes. Stay tuned for more updates.


Just in case people are looking for the video…


Have you been able to recoup any of your “investment” in the hardware that you had to abandon?
In other words, did you get any money back from the vendors that failed to perform?

Yep, that has all been taken care of, now it’s full steam ahead on the Mark IIr :slight_smile:

Yes can happen some stop, but now there shall be a new due date, to regain credibility.
A date that you won’t miss.

And, please: this time avoid to bomb us of “fantastic” and thrilling announcements. Just facts and percentages to goal completion. Please let me (and all that asked for refound) have confidence in you again. By the way I did not asked for refound, but now I claim some humble and sound work by your side.

I got a Respeaker Core V2 and a FDM printer waiting for some work… Can you provide the STL for the Mark-IIr prototype, please?


Hello, can you send me the Mark II stl for Corev2 respeaker please?


Are you talking about the Mark IIr from Phase II?

@derick-mycroft provided the STLs for Respeaker CoreV2 to me, as I don’t know if it is o.k. if I forward them I think it is best you contact him directly…