Mark II speech-to-text working without Internet

So at my internship we bought a Mark II Mycroft, and my boss wants to use it for a Drive-in Restaurant, just for the speech-to-text feature, but he wants to do it without internet connection. Is it possible? To run an speech-to-text application in this Mark II? Has anyone achieve it? Or haven’t anyone tried before?

Very possible. Look up Kaldi or Deepspeech.

And has anyone already make it work with the Mark II? Just in case someone has.

Yes. I use a local Deepspeech instance.

I have found some info about it but since this is stated “DeepSpeech has been configured and is running on the Mycroft servers.”, it makes me think that the Mark II will have to be connected to internet for DeepSpeech to worki. Am I wrong?

Install and configure deepspeech-server, then edit your mycroft.conf:

  "stt": {
    "module": "deepspeech_server",
    "deepspeech_server": {
      "uri": "http://localhost:8080/stt"