Mark II Order Germany

Hey there,
I’ve just received my Mark II here in Germany and I am pretty excited about it. But already during the shipment, I felt something was weird as it was stuck in customs since the 19th of December. I wrote an email to Mycroft on the 29th asking about the shipment status. Now the package arrived today with two stickers from customs on it.

The first one is saying “Product not in conformity - release for free circulation not authorised”. The second one is telling me “Return / Not EU-compliant product. Refused by Customs”. I mean, it still arrived. But the parcel has obviously been opened by customs. Now I have no problem with that in general but when I took out the Mark II there was a black USB stick plugged into the back and now I am really confused.

Now I just wanted to know whether the USB stick belongs to the initial shipment or not. Because it’s not mentioned anywhere.

the usb stick containts the operating system, it comes with the mk2

Good to know. I started worrying. I probably watched too many movies, lol.

But I still would like to know what they were looking for in the first place

Im curious, how much did you pay in taxes?

I had to pay 23% VAT + 12€ handling feeds, for a total of 122.88€

500$ == 470.1€, meaning total cost of a mk2 is 592.98€ if you live here…

In fact, they didn’t ask for payment. It just arrived. That’s also why I was so confused. After seeing it being held in customs for 2 weeks I expected to have to pick it up on my own. Now it’s here.

Probably CE marking and to judge real value is as described.

I received my Mark-II yesterday, located in Germany, too. Customs value was 349$ (I backed the Family-pack consisting of a Mark-I and a Mark-II) and I paid a total of 68€ in taxes and fees.

After setup my first attempt was to set language to german but with that Dinkum is stuck during startup at step “downloading configuration”. Now I ordered some USB flash drives and will try OVOS and NeonAI next…

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While waiting for USB flash drives I finally “convinced” my Mark-II (with Dinkum) to listen and speak German with me.

Here are some details (in German): Mattermost

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