Mark II Neon - Home screen stops updating, unless I ask it the time

My Mark II with the latest updates has stopped updating the time on the home screen.

I thought it had crashed but it still responds to wakewords and the top button and if I ask it ‘what time is it?’ it responds with the correct time and updates the time on the home screen, but it appears to be a one off. It stays at that time.

Is there something I can check?


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Yesterday I had the same experience and mentioned that on neon OS for mycroft MK2 channel

it now shows the time as 11:57, but when I ask the time it shows and pronounces the correct time as 21:57 like shown on this recording: [link to youtube deleted]

I used this command on the CLI (through SSH) to solve it:

(venv) neon@neon:~$ sudo systemctl restart neon