Mark II Launches in 48 HOURS!

2 days until Mark II launches. Are you ready for…

A multi-microphone array that ensures Mycroft can hear when you’re speaking to him, even when music is playing, or you’re across the room.

An upgraded speaker for room-filling sound that makes your music sound great.

Most importantly? A screen; because a picture is worth a thousand words. Who really wants to hear the weekends temperature forecasts, when you can simply glance at a screen?

We need YOUR help to spread the news. Sign up for our Thunderclap campaign to help us make a big impression on day one!

Mark II Kitchen

See you on Thursday at 8am PST!


Waiting for the day and super excited

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This is going to be EPIC! Can’t wait!

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That looks a whole lot better then a flashing hockeypuck!!

Kudos to the whole team,


I’m really excited. If you haven’t joined our Thunderclap, please do it now!

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At what time will you start the KS campaing? I would like to be one of the early birds, yet I doubt I can get one of the 100 first units because we’re a bunch of people insterested and and probably you will launch on any USA time so I wil probably be sleeping… :stuck_out_tongue:

This Kickstarter is going to be so fun. Much better to have a such a great community working with us this time!

Haha @malevolent same here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing: what is this Thunderclap thingy? Like what will it do in comparison to the newsletter? Never saw that service before. :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Ok, checked it out - but I’m not using faceb***, twi***, tum**, or any of the other data gobbling monsters.

Ironically that’s the reason why I’m here. Otherwise I’d just buy an echo, go*** home etc. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [EDIT]

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10 am CT. ( UTC - 6 )

Thanks for the answer!!
Will be 4am in Barcelona :sleeping:
I’ll wake up earlier to see if I have some chance to grab one :nerd_face:

For the Aussies in the house, this is 3am Friday Sydney/Melbourne, 2.30am Adelaide, midnight Thursday night in Perth and 5am in NZ. And god knows in Brisbane because Queensland makes up their own timezones :wink:

@malevolent I’m not so sure about that 4am estimation. Barcelona should be in my time zone (Germany, UTC +1) and IMHO 10 am CST would be about 16 o’clock (4pm) for us since their time is around 7 hours behind ours minus DST. :thinking:

You made my day @dottedfish!!! :smiley:
I don’t know how I saw pm and I my mind understood am… Now I’m reading @KathyReid’s last post where she said it will be from 2:30am to 5am in NZ and I put two and two together…

Well, that’s perfect, so tomorrow I will be F5ing to see if I’m lucky! :smiley:

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Confirming it will be 4pm GMT, which is what I think Barcelona is on.

Duckduckgo says it will be 4am (bug report filled!).(now I know my earlier mistake… )
Google says it will be 18h
In several world time sites they say it will be 17h… which is in fact the correct answerd, at least if wee take a look on Thunderclap’ site, it says 7h left and now is 10am…

Conclussion: We need to do a proper skill on Mycroft.

backed!! (you launched before the time accorded!!! xDDDD )

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