Mark ii July 2020 - Form Factor

“… mount the SJ201 to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header at a 90 degree angle. … allowing the Raspberry Pi to cool efficiently and to be in an optimal orientation to connect to the display via DSI.”
Rotating the SJ201, the main board and the display 90 degrees would allow better cooling, still allow same display connection, and keep the portrait orientation of the display.
In the orientation proposed in the July update the SJ201 blocks heat rising from the main board making cooling worse not better.
Vertical orientation of the boards and the display have clear advantages, so why are you proposing this change?


@bruce you’re right rotating the daughterboard would allow for better cooling, but it would put the microphones on the side of the device. We could make separate smaller PCBs just for the mics (the mics need to be on top or front) and connect them back to the daughterboard. However, one of the other goals for the SJ201 was to reduce complexity as much as possible. That meant doing everything we could to get it down to just one board. We will start with a simple laser-cut enclosure for basic engineering tests. We can also test your suggested orientation to see how it performs with heat. Thanks for the suggestion.

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