Mark II hardware details?

Are there pictures of the Mark II from various angles and descriptions of the hardware? Maybe I’m missing them, but if not, that would be a nice addition to the products page.

A large hexagonal button can be seen in the middle of the top. Also there appear to be three buttons or switches on the front top. Finally there is a button on the front which may be used to take photographs?

I found many pictures and some details on building a “developer kit” at:

But no descriptions of the buttons and LEDs. Then I found this page:

This page describes the buttons and LEDs, but not the camera.

For the buttons it states:

* Action - the button located in the center of the LED ring. This activates the listener if needed.
* Volume Up - the button on the front-right of the board when looking at the screen.
* Volume Down - the button in the front-center of the board.
* Mic hardware cut-off - a physical disconnect switch for the microphones. Switch left to disable the microphones, and right to re-enable them

Are there no labels anywhere on the product? One of my pet peeves, but more and more common these days.

For the LEDs I read:

One led is green/red representing the current state of the microphone mute.

The second shows the general CPU temperature
* Blue = cold
* Magenta = warm
* Orange = hot 
* Red = very hot

The LED ring has a number of states:
* Blue and spinner - listener is activated such as when the wake word is detected.
* Pulsing ring - device is thinking.

I assume the 12 LEDs are below the large hexagonal button and shine through it because the plastic is thin and white. So LEDs 1 and 2 serve the purpose described above, but when they are spinning or pulsing this function is temporarily turned off?

I could not find any details on the camera though three shutters are mentioned in the instructables page.

Let me add that all of these extra hardware features seem pretty cool and worth the effort.

Any help will be appreciated.

-Mike M

Hi Mike,

The top button is circular on my Mark II, and has 12 LEDs shining through it. There are two buttons and one (microphone kill) switch, with the two buttons being volume up/down. The front has a slider to block the camera , not a button.

Not in my 3D printer version, but I don’t know what the plans are for the final design.

It is temporarily turned off, but this is for development purposes only. As I understand it, the final product will not display mic state/temp with the LEDs.

The product page lists “5 megapixel (2592 x 1944, 1080p video)”

The XMOS chip is a killer feature for the Mark II. Build-in echo cancellation, noise suppression, and voice detection :slight_smile:

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@synesthesiam - thanks for a thorough reply!

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You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any more questions :+1: