Mark II (devkit) boot loop

Got back from (U.S.) Holiday and Mark II had blank screen but powered on, did not respond to voice or action button. Removed from power, reconnected to power and now Mark II is in a boot loop. “Booting”, then some kernel messages, then a little color palette test image, then reboot.
Do I need to just flash a fresh image manually? If so, are there any information gathering steps I should take before flashing?

Hey, thanks for flagging this.

Do you remember if your device was on the stable or latest update channel?

Reflashing is certainly the quickest way to get back up and running but it would be great to grab the logs off the device to find out what happened.

You can get these by plugging the USB straight into your computer:

If you’re happy to share them and your device-id that would be very helpful :slight_smile:

You can email us at

I was on latest update channel. I’ve extracted logs and sent them, there is a chance mail filters will obstruct, let me know if you don’t get it within a couple of days and I will attempt resend elsewhere (or do you have a recommendation for a trustworthy file-sharing/relaying service? or just a plain old SFTP site?)
And thanks very much for having clear, complete, well-written documentation on the extraction and providing a direct citation. What difference that makes.

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Awesome thank you!

To be honest, I just added that section of the docs yesterday! But very good to have it there :slight_smile:

Nice work Gez!

-Mike M