Mark II Dev Kits are shipping 🚢

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The first Mark II Dev Kits started shipping on Friday! This is a huge milestone for us after a long and difficult journey.

Warning: This blog post contains a lot of photos of boxes. Some open. Some closed. Some alone. Some stacked. We are very excited about all the boxes, and we are not afraid to show it.

The first units to get out the door were those with an Enhanced Add-on pack situated in the US, and the rest are right behind them. When your shipment is ready you will receive an email with all the details including a tracking number. We all know the pain of sitting, waiting for the unknown.

Mark II Dev Kit contents

Mark II Enhanced Dev Kit packaged up safe and sound..

Once your unit arrives, there is a quick start guide included that tells you everything that’s included in the box, and points you to our growing Mark II Dev Kit guide. This has step-by-step instructions for putting your Dev Kit together, as well as a link to the latest software image available.

We’re still moving fast with the software development so there are new updates being pushed multiple times per day. Of course it’s up to you whether you want to have all the latest updates each night, or keep it stable and wait for larger releases. You can select your update preference in the device settings on

9 Mark II Dev Kit boxes

Mark II Enhanced Dev Kits – ready for pickup.

We can certainly say that the team at CrateCrew have been fantastic to work with and their experience has shone through. If you’re looking for interesting new DIY projects straight to your door each month, definitely checkout their HackerBoxes.

Production line up

Crate Crew boxing line up

We’ve been pretty busy hitting this deadline, but will have a more detailed monthly update for everyone shortly.



Just got mine 2 days ago, built it yesterday. No issues. Great Kit!


Hooray! Great to hear Stephen :smiley:

We’ve still got a ways to go on the software, so if you spot anything that doesn’t seem right, please help us out by filing a bug report or feature request.

Don’t suppose there is a way to still get one?

Hey there, we’ve had quite a few requests for this.

We do have a limited number to purchase. However preference will go to those who’ve already put down a reservation for a Mark II. We’re emailing those people this week, then we’ll open it up publicly if there are any left…

I’ll be posting here and in Chat before it goes out to any mailing list or social media channels, because we get the most back when people are actively providing feedback. So maybe subscribe to this thread if you are keen to grab one.

Sounds good. Thank you

How do I get a Dev Kit?

Please send info regarding Dev Kit ( need One)

:chipmunk: Get a Dev Kit while you can

Hi all, you have no doubt seen that backers of the Mark II campaign have started receiving their Dev Kits.

Since we were making a few hundred for backers, we decided to produce a few more while we were at it. Unfortunately this first batch of 300 quickly disappeared before we could make them available to the community. So we’ve decided to do a second run.

There will be a total of 470 Dev Kits in the 2nd batch shipping in May. Over the weekend we sent a private link to people who had put down a $1 reservation on a Mark II and it’s safe to say they are disappearing quickly already… Before we post about it to the broader public, we wanted to give anyone here in the community the chance to grab one.

The Dev Kit comes with a laser cut acrylic case, and there are STL files on Github to print an enclosure closer to what the final design will look like. However it is important to note that these are DIY kits intended for our more technologically inclined Community members. They provide the same technical stack as the production Mark II however enable you to get early access to the platform. The Mark II Dev Kit is perfect for prototyping your own integrations, writing Skills, and helping to inform the direction of our software development priorities.

So if you’re keen to get a Mark II Dev Kit, grab one now at:

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