Mark II Camera - March 2021

I have completed the Mark II Dev Kit and Mycroft is up and functioning. Starting to get to know the different skills and the skills list available for install is not completely up-to-date as to which are past and which are current.

I am very happy with the Dev Kit and would like to know about the camera. What’s its purpose? Are there any skills that access the camera? How would one develop a skill based on the camera?

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Hey there, the camera isn’t yet enabled on the OS side. Should have that update pushed in the next 24 hours :crossed_fingers:

You can also do this manually using these instructions:

Can you tell us a little bit about whether the once planned mechanical shutter will come or not?

I would like to know if I always have to tape the camera like I do on my laptop, phone or tablet.

Hey all,

The latest image includes Camera support and has the Camera Skill installed for you already.

Just boot and say “Hey Mycroft, take a selfie”

If you’ve already got your Dev Kit setup
Our current update mechanism doesn’t yet include the boot partition, this is outside of the containers. So you can either reflash with the latest image or follow these instructions to modify your existing image.

If you don’t want to reflash your device, you need to:

  1. Mount your usb on a different computer
  2. Open the pvboot partition
  3. Edit config.txt
  4. At the end of this file (in the [all] section) add:

Then eject the usb and drop it back in your Dev Kit.

Currently it’s limited to a low resolution image until we tweak the memory allocations.

Hey there, the production unit has a mechanical shutter.

It wasn’t viable to do it on the laser cut enclosure of the Dev Kit, however it does stick up from the rest of the case so is easy to drop a little hood over if you want to.

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