Mark II body printing material?

Quick question:

For Mark II body, what is the preferred prototyping material used to print the enclosure/body? PLA? PETG? High detail resin?

Thank you!


Hi Rob,

I have printed all the parts for the mark2 in PLA+ , on my FDM printer. (I had a spare reel!)

I have a number of problems with the prints.

The reason for this is that Derek of Mycroft, designed the STL’s to be printed on an SLA printer.

The STLS have compound curves, and require a lot of temporary supports. There are a number of ports or screw recesses on some parts, that once they are printed are impossible to remove the supports.

The two side parts contain a rectangular grid of holes, (speaker grills), which makes the parts very fragile. I broke three side prints in two, attempting to remove the build supports.

There are other issues, involving dimensions. I have informed Derek about all my issues using a FDM printer, and he is looking into the matter.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully printed the Mark 2 case on a FDM printer, and can tell me how the prints were laid out, and the Slicer used!

Using Cura 4.1 I found that the support structures used almost as much material as the parts themselves, I used over a Kg on my attempts.

EDIT 25th Feb PLA+ not SLA+ Duh!