Mark I won't add skills. does not reset, reboot and work

how do you fix the mark 1 not being able to add new skills from marketplace? I also have an issue where it won’t speak nor the microphone works. but it did at first but after restarting or turning off and on it won’t work.

Hey there, is this using the button in the Marketplace, installing by voice, or installing by commandline?

Am I right in understanding that your Mark 1 has now become completely unresponsive or does this change after rebooting the device?

I installed it through the marketplace. It works now. After I move the volume I think but I still can’t change the eyes. Not sure if it has to do with the update or if the used mycroft I bought is broken. I got it 3 days ago. I’m sure if I reboot it or turn it off and on it will not work. It had an issue where after I did that I think it forgot the alarms I set everyday.