Mark I WiFi stopped working

I had a power outage and my WiFi stopped working. I reflashed (mark-1_production_20171019_build-10.img) my Mark I in case something else had happened, but I still can’t get it to connect to the internet. It does create the Mycroft WiFi network and I can go through the steps to put in a password, but I never get to the point where I get the code to put into the website to register the hardware.

Has anyone else had something like this happen? Is it possible the pi got damaged somehow? It seems unlikely; since I do get the Mycroft network I presume the WiFi is at least sending a signal out.

As others have mentioned in this forum, once I enter the password in, I’m unable to proceed if I go into the setup again, as there is no arrow to click. It says that it’s already connected, but Mycroft keeps saying that he’s unable to connect to the internet.

Any ideas?

Have you done an “apt update ; apt upgrade” to see if newer versions have the same problem? Earlier versions did something weird on my case.

I have in the past, but not since I reflashed. Did it do something permanent?

Edit: Oh, wait. You mean to try to fix it. Good idea, I’ll try that tonight. Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you removed the previous Device from

I thought I hadn’t, but it turns out I had. I currently have no listed devices.

I’m also not sure how to get it to update. I can’t get it to display to a monitor, and ssh is shut off by default. I’d never tried getting it to display to a monitor before so I’m not sure if this is normal behavior or not. I’m used to interfacing with it via ssh.

I tried plugging an ethernet cable in and typing in sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, but nothing appeared to happen besides an eye color change.

The other guess here is that the Micro SD card has been corrupted in the power outage. Replacing it would require opening the unit, taking out the Micro SD card, re-imaging the Micro SD card and then re-seating the Micro SD, and putting the unit back together with a Torx 10 screwdriver. Is that something you’d be comfortable with?

Best, Kathy


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I’d already done all of that twice before coming here :s

I suppose it’s possible that my pi suddenly went bad. Does the HDMI normally output to a display? If I could get to a bash terminal I’d be a lot more comfortable.

Yes, the HDMI will normally output to a monitor, and you can connect a keyboard to the USB port. What do you get in terms of HDMI output?