Mark I or II available in Germany?


I’d also been infected with the Mark-I or II-Virus :slight_smile: Currently running on Rasperry i’d appreciate to get a hint, where to buy Mark in Germany?
Shipping costs of more than 50 $ are not good, when shipping from overseas.

Perhaps there are other people interested in a common order, shipping to Germany in one package…!?

Any ideas?


PS: If no one’s out there, i would do the distribution for Germany for Mark I or II. :slight_smile:

Hi Caruso,

There is no distributor for Germany or EU. Mark-I is sold out, Mark-II not available yet.
You may look in the second-hand market places like Ebay etc. if a Mark-I is for sale, but this is a rare item…

You may want to look for Google AIY Voice-Kit (Version 1!) to put your Raspberry Pi in…

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Shipping costs are a real barrier, it’s the same for Australia. It’s something we’ll be looking into again before shipping the Mark II but I don’t think there’s any perfect solution. Not until we can get the pattern buffers overhauled to bring the transporter back online :wink:

As a side note if anyone is buying a second hand Mark 1, please be sure to at least re-image the Micro SD card just as a precaution. Preferably even replace the card altogether.