Mark I options?

In light of recent events, can some clarify what will happen to my Mark I and what the options are going forward? It stopped responding a couple of days ago and I’m guessing it will stop working completely sometime soon if not already.
Are there any options to reflash this hardware to something different while retaining the functionality of the buttons and screen?


Hey there,

The latest official Mark 1 image is still based on Debian Jessie and is pretty dated now.

I’d say in the short term, these scripts from a long term community member are probably your best bet:

I do know that Mark 1 support has always been on the wishlist at least for OVOS and Neon however I’m not sure if there’s an actual release for that yet.

There is a Mark I phal plugin for ovos. I dont have one, so cant verify how it works. But, most things on ovos do work, and the devs are very responsive if something doesnt.