Mark I left eye not lighting up correctly. Only half of the eye lights up

I have been trying to contact mycroft support through the CONTACT link several times about this with no response back.

I have read other Forum topics from other Mark I owners with the same type of problem and have tried the various solution attempts with no success.

Resetting the device even after being unplugged for long periods did not help.
I have reinstalled the image as well, still not fixing the issue.
I have checked to make sure all the connections were connected properly.

I’m sure this unit is still under warranty.

Please help.

I think @Darren-Mycroft is the one who can help, as what I think it seems to be hardware problem. I have seen you have tryed lots of different things to get the device working. And when that didnt work my guess is hardware a problem, and then @Darren-Mycroft is the right to help.