Mark 2 and WPA3

Will the Mark 2 will support WPA3 out of the box or in a later update?

Good question, I’m going to pass this one to @derick-mycroft for more information.

Did you got a reply for this? I want to know that too.


Depends of course a bit on what hardware they eventually are going to choose / use, but if it is the RPI3b+ or RPI4 the hardware supports it, so should be able to support.

Quickly looked into it before for my own project…


Must add to that; If you really talking about WPA3/SAE (encryption) and not WPA3/DDP (easy setup).

Doubt, DDP is implemented in the wifi firmware already. And then again, it will only be useful to do that over Bluetooth, which is really “new stuff”.

Resurrecting this to mention that none of the images for mk2 currently support wpa3/SAE out of the box. There’s no raspbian-based fix coming for this any time soon:

but there are other possible workarounds:

Not a mycroft issue, more a raspberry pi one.

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OpenVoiceOS - Buildroot edition has WPA compiled with WPA3 support enabled since the beginning.

The wifi-hotspot method does not support it I believe (but by all means give it a try and please report back), however with the GUI method it has been confirmed WPA3 networks can be setup and is working.