Mark 1 will not start, immediate flashing red light on Pro Mini board

I’m excited to have received my Mark 1, however, it current does not function out of the box. After waiting for a bit, I noticed that there was a flash red light inside. After opening the Mark 1, on immediately on plugging it in, the following lights are on:

  • flashing red light on the Pro Mini, next to A6 (I’ll say on the “left” side)
  • steady blue light on Pro Mini (on the “right” side)
  • steady red light on pi board, next to microsd

There is no other response from the system. As far as I can tell, everything is plugged in and seated. The HDMI, while recognized as something by external systems, delivers no signal. I can think of no other way to get further diagnostics.

Any help or advice to get the system working would be very much appreciated.

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I was able to get help via the contact form.

The issue seems to have been a bad image write to the microsd card.

I was instructed to get a fresh image at:


And used recommended burn tool “etcher-electron”:

After this, I finally saw the green light for disk reads flashing and was able to proceed normally after that.

Thanks for that I will give it a try coz my MyCroft is dead.

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