Mark 1 hardware availability

Hello, I really like the look of the Mark1 version and I am really interested to get my hands on one. Since the official store lists the product as sold out I have tried ebay and all the other market places in Germany but I can’t find any available (I assume only 2nd hand can be bought now). Is there any plan on restocking the Mark 1? If not do you know any place where I could find one?

Many thanks in advance!

You already mentioned the places where to look for a 2nd hand Mark-I.

The Mark-I hardware is open-source:

Warning: this will involve 3D printing and custom PCBs, may be a bit expensive for only one device.

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Exactly my problem :slight_smile: I could get away with financial costs of doing it, but time spent to print, build etc is way more expensive. This is why I hope to find somebody that sells one or knows people that want to sell theirs or extras that these might have (doubt anyone wants to sell their cute thingy though :sob: )

Hey rootus, welcome to the Community!

As I mentioned on Chat, we get a lot of requests for the Mark 1. Unfortunately we just don’t have enough to go around and it costs far too much to build one off units.

If you do find one second hand I’d strongly advise swapping to a new Micro SD card. Corrupted cards are very unreliable and cause issues that are very difficult to diagnose.