Mark 1 button menu not working

I got my Mark 1 today and I got it connected and registered, but the menu button doesn’t seem to be working right. I can hold it down for 2 seconds and get the “ILLUM” menu item to show up, but rotating the button doesn’t change to a different menu item now. It rotated between ILLUM and WIFI at first, but once I got it connected to the wifi and registered, It now only shows ILLUM and clicking once to go into that menu just shows “AUTO”. Rotating the button doesn’t allow me to change that either. All the usual voice commands I’ve tried seem to work fine.

Seems to be a hiccup with the arduino. Have you tried resetting the entire unit?

I’ve tried rebooting it a few times and unplugged/replugged the power.

@Red5d I’ve spoken to the Mark 1 production guy about this issue. If you open up the unit there is a solder connecting two of the pins on the encoder which is what is most likely causing the issue. It’s definitely something to do with the encoder.

Ok, thanks! I’ll check on that.

@Darren-Mycroft @derick-mycroft

Might be something you put on the list of items we want Mark 2 to have. Better connectors.

I am in 100% agreement with that.

I am curious to know whether this solution worked for @Red5d, though.

Any updates?

Same here - @Red5d - did this fix it?

Sorry, I’ve been busy lately and forgot about this. I’ll open it up and try the fix tomorrow.

I opened it up and everything looks fine. No solder blobs in the wrong place, and no loose/hanging wires. The rotary encoder still only selects between the “ILLUM” and “WI-FI” options though.