Mark 1 - Audio output stopped working

Hi there,

I’ve just powered up my Mark 1 after changing it’s location from the living room to the kitchen (you know, for the music).
And suddenly, out of nothing, there was no audio. The mouth was moving, the pictures for the weather are displayed but I cannot hear anything. And yes, the volume is on maximum.

So I SSH’d into my Mark 1 and started digging in the logs. But I cannot find anything unusual.
The wake word is recognized, even in the CLI tool I can see what the Mark 1 would say.

Any ideas? I’m on the latest core version (0.9.14), did a upgrade (apt-get upgrade) and had several reboots since then. The last reboot today killed it :frowning:

Thanks and regards,

Hey Stephan,

That is DEFINITELY unfortunate - lets get your music working again! I will probably communicate via email and we can post the resolution here for anyone else having this issue.


Hey Darren,

perfect, I’ve created a support ticket too, so you probably already got my e-mail address, right?
If not, just send me a PM and I’ll share it with you.

Thanks and greetings,