Making Our Development Syncs Public

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The Mycroft AI development team is constantly working to improve existing software, develop new software, and improve hardware compatibility. The team meets three times a week to review the previous week’s accomplishments, plan out tasks for the coming week, discuss outstanding issues, and review progress on existing tasks. Until recently these meetings have been entirely internal meetings. We recently decided to start recording and publishing these Development Syncs. We made this decision in order to increase openness, transparency, and collaboration with the community.

In publishing our Dev Syncs we are able to gather feedback from the community which allows us to tailor our development sprints to what is important to the end user. This also allows us to quickly and consistently publish updates about the ongoings here at Mycroft AI. We deeply appreciate everyone who has watched or listened, taken the time to comment, and become involved with some of the development efforts. The community of fantastic developers is a key to bringing private and open voice technology to everyone. We look forward to reading your questions, comments, compliments, and concerns on the Forums and in the comments section of the Dev Syncs.

All of our Dev Syncs can be found in this YouTube playlist.
To leave some feedback, head on over to the Mycroft Community Forum.