Looking for Social Media Ambassadors

As we continue to grow at Mycroft AI we are looking for 2-3 social media ambassadors to help answer questions from the general public on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys answering questions online.

If you would like to help us here at Mycroft email social@mycroft.ai

what about a skill and have mycroft answer some of those questions :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont know whether Mycroft is ready for the rough and tumble world of social media given the current state of the rpi build … baby steps …

Soon we will be there. Today we need some help with a few basic questions people ask on Twitter and FB.

I understand baby steps. We have an audience already following and asking questions. We just need someone to be around to answer a few questions as they come up.

@krisadair I would like to add Slack to this Matrix channel:

can you help ?

OK fair point .,. not trying to be a troll but commenting as a member of a large tech co playing in the same space. So cant be an ambassor but I think a adding the video off you kickstarter page to the FAQ page would be a good move … only sw the kik vid this week after trying myc for the last few weeks … the vid give a good tech roadmap / 10K ft view.

Great idea. Will add it to the list of ideas. We are obviously doing some work on the website currently and trying to get a better understanding of what works and what does not. We had the vid on the old site. Trying to only add what works and leave all the rest.

If you know of any who would like to help out, send them our way. Thanks!

I am not technical. I would email arron.atchison@mycroft.ai or steve.penrod@mycroft.ai

a skill that integrated to

could run a mycroft faq quite easily … may be some open source chatbot alternatives