Looking for other developers

Hi guys,

I’ve got an idea I’ve been thinking of and doing some research over the weekend. Working on a neural interface with mycroft, via an EEG. Curious if anyone else would like to tackle this with me.

Not much in the way of free time at the moment with kids and all, but would you care to elaborate on your idea? What sort of hardware do you have/were you thinking of using? I’m assuming that you’re referring to a consumer-grade off-the-shelf setup, as opposed to the sort you get in a hospital…

I came across the brainduino at FOSDEM if you’re interested in the purely open-source approach, but I’m not sure if they have hardware available to buy yet (I think they were also interested in doing a kickstarter). If you’re less keen on breaking out the soldering iron, then I’ve no doubt there’ll be plenty of folks interested in this using off the shelf kit.

I’ve been designing robotic hand at our Hacklab we’re hoping to hookup to some EEG or other neural control network to help amputees (especially one child in our community).

I also have contacts to this group: http://www.openbci.com/

Not sure if I have skills or much time but let me hear the pitch and what you hope to do? This might also help my blind mom.


Do you have all the required hardware ? If yes I can try to hack it together in this winter break.