Looking for a master list of skills for MyCroft

I am looking for a “master” list of skills that are currently available for MyCroft.
Found this link - https://mycroftai.github.io/mycroft-skills/
Is that the one to use or is there another way of seeing all of the skills currently available ?

I am working on volume 2 of a Smart Home Tech book and want to make sure I have a good list of skills to work from.

Ron Nutter

look at https://market.mycroft.ai/skills/

that is where the skills that has been accepted is located.

I would like to make or find some way to search and group skills that hassnt yet maked it into the market. But hassnt found a smart way yet.
Such a list would also include non finish non working skills, but it would be a great way to get overwiev of what is and what is to come….

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and while at it I could recomend the THEIA IDE skill, that makes it easy to make new skills to Mycroft as it setups a complete webbased IDE on the device itself.

Thanks for both your replies. I see a lot of potential in MyCroft and want to make sure that my YouTube subscribers and readers know about this.


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The great homeassistant skill and homeassistant are a great pair when talking smarthome.

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hey @mutter

I have made a list that isnt complete, but gives a view of skills “out there”. The list is found by searching GitHub.


Great work, @andlo. Longer term what are you hoping to do with the list?

I have plenty of ideas……Statestik is one. How many are actually trying an/or making skills. What other skills are others workin on. How many skills and who is working on a skill whith some specifik service. Skills examples - which skills uses Beautiful Soup (or other libary).
plenty information can come out of analyze skills.

First step is to collect relevant data and get it into structure - that is the list (based on a json data file). Next is use it. analyze, sort and filter etc.

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