Locked out from home.mycroft.ai

Hi all,
I locked myself out of home.mycroft.ai. Some weeks ago I had to change my email address with which I registered my device on home. No I cannot log in either with my old nor the new email address.

I asked for a password reset using my new email address (the old is no longer accessible). Even so I am pretty sure I updated that one in home.mycroft.ai, I get the message “Account with that email does not exist”. Is there an easy way to get back into that account without loosing all my skills and data?
Thanks a lot

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, if the account is listed under your old address and you don’t have access to it then we can’t provide access to the account.

This is to prevent someone from contacting us pretending to be you and gaining access. Exploiting a support teams desire to satisfy customers has been a pretty successful technique for hacking into a whole range of accounts for quite some time. They often rely on absurdly simple security questions from “what’s your dogs name” to “name a folder in your email account” and the majority of these can be scraped from social media or just guessed.

At the end of the day, there’s just no way for us to confidently verify the true owner of an account, so access to the email address associated with it is the best measure we have for that. Whilst it can be annoying to lose access to your account, we know that security is very important to Mycroft users.

If there’s any way we can help you get setup with your new email address then please let us know.

Hi Gez,
thanks for the explanation. I understand and appreciate the reasoning well. Just to be sure, I got the consequences right: Whenever I set up an account on home.mycroft.ai with one email address, I must never abandon this email address even so I might want to change my email address under which I can be contacted from home.mycroft.ai?
And a last question: now that I need to probably setup a new account for my Mark-1, will I get any problems pairing the Mark-1 with the new account, because the old pairing still exists?
Thanks for any insights,

Hi, just to be clear, did you change the email address on home.mycroft.ai to a new address and this change did somehow not take effect? (I can’t quite figure out how to do this so I can’t test right now)

If you do the top-button reset, the pairing info will be purged and all installed skills and skill-settings will be removed along with wifi config. if you have ssh access delete the file /home/mycroft/.mycroft/identity.identity2.json and restart the device to get a new pairing code.

Hi Ake,
yes, at least that is what I remember. I changed my email Adress on the forum here, the Mattermost account and home.mycroft.ai. However, it is some while ago, so I would not bet on it. In any case, I now used one of my Google accounts to login and that worked! Sometimes, it is ideed helpful to rely on the big data scavenger.
However, I do not see where on home.mycroft.ai I could change my login credentials. When I select “Profile” I only can read the data, but not change it.
Help here would be appreciated.
Thanks for your support.

I’ll ping @ChrisVeilleux, but I think it’s not possible to change the registered e-mail address. Chris will know for sure.

There’s not currently a way to do it yourself.

In the interim, if you need to change your email address please contact support@mycroft.ai
Once we verify ownership of both email addresses we can make the change.

Thanks for the information. No, I think, I’ll be fine with the way it is right now. Hacking the email address via support is not worth our effort. From my side, we can close the topic now.

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