Location causing issue when adding device

Hi there,

Can only add device by using ‘wrong’ city.

When trying to add a new device at home.mycroft.ai/devices:
If I select Chippenham (where I live) as city, when I click Next I get to step two where I’m told the device was added and gives some commands to try. However my mycroft doesn’t acknowledge this in the CLI and my list of devices is empty.
If I change the city to Swindon (nearest proper city) the same thing happens.
If I change city to City of London it seems to work, mycroft acknowledges, continues setting up and appears in my devices list.

If I edit the device and try to change the city to Chippenham or Swindon I receive Error updating device

I noticed that when selecting City there are two entries for Chippenham (there are two places called Chippenham) and also two entries for Swindon (there’s only one Swindon as far as I know).

So I have mycroft up and running, :star2:Fantastic!:star2: but my city is not where I am.

There’s an accepted list of cities, and if yours isn’t in the list it won’t accept it. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t accept mine once, the difference was capitalizing the first letter to match their list. :confused:

I think there’s a separate issue with some cities conflicting with others that have the same name and are in the same country. England seems particularly good at this…

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you yet, but I’ve got it on the bug board to investigate and will add these cities as examples.

Thanks for reporting them :slight_smile: