Local Music from USB Stick on Mark 2


Im pretty new here with Mycroft and also this neat forum. Can please somebody explain to me how to play music from an USB stick? I already ported some mp3 files to a stick and sticked it into one of the black USB ports at the back of the Mark 2. I dont use NeonOS but a stable version from the Mycroft AI image. It works pretty well on my end. I just cant figure out how to play my own music on it? Just nothing happens after plugging in the stick. Also the command “Hey Mycroft, play (title abc)” doesnt work.

There is noone left in the Mycroft Team, no official support for the mycroft images exists and None of the descendant projects support it, any help you get will be from users such as yourself who stumbled upon a solution

I’m not sure a skill even exists for dinkum with this functionality

I’m sorry to say this, but you are on a dead platform that won’t receive more updates, neither features nor bugfixes, the dinkum community consists of a handful of users that i don’t think are creating new skills either

I strongly advise you switch to OVOS or Neon, Neon explicitly targets the mk2 and supports playing media from USB

I would like to add to Jarbas’ recommendation the advice that OVOS has ported, and Neon inherited, most of the advancements we could port from Dinkum.

Which is to say, there’s a lot of good stuff from Dinkum in OVOS and Neon, but none of the bad stuff.

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