Local customisations?


I have the developer unit and for the longest time I set my local customisations like locale, news service, language, time format, voice, weather api etc. in ~/.mycroft/mycroft.ini

Some time in the last week or so that all changed and now I don’t see anything reading mycroft.ini at all. What happened to these local customisations and is there a way to override the defaults because it is getting my region wrong or it is setting it to a default of Kansas I am not sure which.



What I have learned in the Slack group is that that format of the configuration and the file location has changed. It is now mycroft.conf, and the format is a JSON file.


As a follow-up to this, the microservice to support editing location on the web client (https://home.mycroft.ai) wasn’t quite ready when we first launched the new backend, so that field has temporarily been hidden. We will be normalizing whatever is entered into that field so we can translate the words into a specific location (e.g. “Kansas City”, “KC, MO”, “Kansas city, Missouri” should all mean the same thing, plus from that we should be able to determine GPS coordinate, timezone, etc.)

That work is almost complete and you should see Location as a setting very soon.

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Yes… Thanks for that. I suggest you push that information out to all the 3rd party skill developers and pretty much all of them instruct users to edit mycroft.ini with plain text field and not JSON. Fairly trivial to convert but still prone to syntax errors for users if they are not used to JSON.

Turns out there was a ~/,mycroft/mycroft.conf file auto created though it was pretty much useless as an example of customisations. At the very least the system mycroft.conf should be copied either as is or in a commented fashion.

That is all well and good but unless you are going to have a drop down list of supported locales via the web it won’t be very helpful. I know I had to check with the weather skill api to work out what my location would be written out. Fortunately it was the same with xmbc weather app when it was still a thing so I kinda already knew it.

I suggest you don’t rely on GEOIP look up of clients unless they specifically ask to because some of the more pragmatic (or paranoid depending on your point of view) prefer to keep their internet of things devices hidden away behind VPNs or TOR so auto configuration would break.

As it is now I can set my personal settings I am a happy bunny and mycroft tells me my local weather as opposed to what warmer weather they are having in Lawrence, Kansas :wink: