List of *basic* skills required

Just a few things that I think a voice assistant should be able to do without any tinkering on my end before it is good enough to sell.
I understand this is not the case with Mark II/Dinkum, so maybe a list of things that need to be addressed asap:

  1. shutdown voice command
    I would think the opposite of “hello Mycroft”, “goodbye Mycroft” (minimally) should be the most basic of voice commands. How the hardware react is another point of contention…
  2. turn screen on/off
    The screen is nice… but I think one should be able to turn it off and on whenever. If the screen is off, and I utter a command that would send something to the screen, the system should be smart enough not to send that data.
  3. skills matrix
    What is installed? The device should display and utter a list of skills that are installed.
  4. OS and Version information
    At the moment, it seems like the device asks the internet what OS it is running.
    I got a short intro to “Redox”, from I think Wolfram Alpha…
    Same with “What version are you”.

Is anyone working on these?


This is where I’m working on converting skills. Haven’t had a chance to work on anything, but if any of those skills exist in mycroft core, I could make them priority candidates for conversion and add an issue.

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Thank you for that.
I’m having issues with Github at the moment (git on Debian and ssh authentication…), but as soon as I get those resolved, and I have the confidence of hacking on the Mycroft, I may start them if they don’t already exist.

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mycroftcore does have a “stop” skill:

This may, although I am not certain, be useful for the “shutdown voice command”, as it states the following:


    "Turn off"
    "Allow remote login"
    "Configure wifi"

Since the Mark II already listens to “stop” (well, mine does), some of this will already be accessible.
As I understand the description on Github, this skill is more of a traffic cop skill than one that actually does the work…


I see Dinkum also already has this skill…

Although I have not found this particular skill in the list yet, perhaps the “naptime” skill can be of some use here…

I know turning off the ears is something else than turning off the face, but I see potential.