Linux update to 18.08 release 2

I am still running my Linux install. However if I ask it what version it is running it says 18.08 release 0. It then says it is out of date and that the latest version is 18.08 release 2. Would you like me to update. I say yes. It say I will update in the background.

How long should this take because it never seems to achieve this?

Hi there @Darmain, on a Linux installation unfortunately Mycroft can’t do the update automatically; primarily because of filesystem permissions. The instructions for updating a Mycroft for Linux installation are at;

@KathyReid Thanks for that. These instructions are out of date but I got there in the end. :slight_smile:

Hey @Darmain, can you let me know what was out of data so I can update it? Or use the feedback form on the documentation itself?

Hi @KathyReid,

No problem.

  1. Change to the directory where your mycroft-core installation is. This is most likely at ~/mycroft-core.


  1. Type git stash - this preserves your Mycroft configuration. git may prompt you to set up an identity.

Does not find anything to stash

  1. Type git pull to get the latest code. By default, using a git installation will bring down the dev branch of the repo. If you want to pull down another branch - for instance to test it - use git pull origin BRANCH_NAME .

Works as expected. Several files were updated.

  1. Type git stash pop to return the configuration that was stashed with git stash

Nothing stashed, so nothing restored.

  1. Type ./ to update your virtualenv - it’s a good idea to do this if you update your mycroft-core installation.

There is no script called “”, there is only the “”. I ran this and there appeared to be an incremental build, which took a fraction of the time the orignal build took.

There is no obvious virtual environment either. Where is this now?

  1. Type ./ all to restart the services

This bit worked. Queried Mycroft as to the version it was running and this was reported as 18.08 release 02, so the operation was successful.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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